29 August 2013

Podcast - Pixel Perfect Casting

The 80s Kids are, like everyone else, rocked by the news that Ben Affleck is to become... Batfleck. Discussion on casting choices for important movies follows close on behind.

If that doesn't provide enough spirited discussion for you then an all too brief overview of the dysfunctional relationship between movies and video games should be all you require to completely fill your head with chat.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/017PixelPerfectCasting/017-Pixel-Perfect-Casting.mp3

22 August 2013

Podcast - Never Forget The Gunge!

Nowadays genre television is of such a high quality that it's a tough game to get into. Faint hearts abound as TV Channels would rather put out tosh like 'Sharknado' than produce a low-production value genre show.

In the 80s this shame was no issue as channels worldwide embraced monsters made of rubber and gaffer tape, sets made of cardboard and endless scenes shot in quarries. Not only that but we went right along with them embracing shows that begged the indulgence of our imaginations to make up for the lack of an effects budget.

The 80s kids examine with affection the role that the UK played in our genre landscape from our attempts at robot based sitcoms to the special schedule for good telly dictated by only having a handful of broadcast channels. It's a good, solid UK-based nostalgiafest this week and all the better for it.

Last one to the sofa has to wear the Helmet of Justice!

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/016NeverForgetTheGunge/016-Never-Forget-The-Gunge.mp3

15 August 2013

Podcast - 1981: Genre-Movie-A-Go-Go

1981 dawns bright and fresh in our memory this week, a year so crammed full of cinematic goodness an hour barely seems like an adequate amount of time to cover it all off.

The legacy of Star Wars and Halloween is felt in '81, perhaps, more heavily than it was felt previously. The amount of SF and fantasy released in '81 was truly staggering.

The traditional horror fodder of the 70s was being left behind in a deluge of slasher movies, gross out horror and more fantastic fare featuring exploding heads, babylonian zombies and flesh-warping werewolves.

The eighties were most definitely here but still finding their feet, so let's look at the triumphs and tragedies of one of the most imaginitive years in cinematic history.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/0151981GenreMovieAGoGo/015-1981-Genre-Movie-A-Go-Go.mp3

7 August 2013

Podcast - 1980: The Dawn of a New Age

For a cast called Revenge of the 80s kids the 80s have, thus far, lost out to the previous decade in terms of air time. Well, all that is coming to an end as of now. This week we look at 1980 itself in all it's new decade-y glory.

From Airplane to the Elephant Man from Altered States to Empire the eighties kids cover off a year confused as to which decade it even belonged in.

Also, The invocation of Hawk the Slayer has drastic consequences that may change the face of the podcast forever!

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/0141980ANewDecadeDawns/014-1980-A-New-Decade-Dawns.mp3

1 August 2013

Podcast - Verhoeven Retrospective

Bit of an emergency podcast this week as sound files in Leo's hard drive go mysteriously astray. So we poke around in a couple of recent news items, SyFy's recent darker themed programming and trepidation surrounding the upcoming RoboCop reboot, before talking Verhoeven.

The Dutch director brought the late 80s and 1990s some defining cinematic moments from ED-209 to Arnie's head exploding on Mars, from Sharon Stone's calculated wardrobe malfunction to the sight of Doogie Howser SS. The 80s kids ponder the violent imagery and deeper motivations of the man who made the 90s sexier and gorier than the previous decade.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/013ItsBeginningToLookABitLikeRobo/013-Its_Beginning_To_Look_A_Bit_Like_Robo.mp3