26 February 2010

Crawling Toward The Finish Line

Back from Belper and keen to relay gory details but for now suffice to say that my favourite session of the weekend for general hilarity and mirth filled darkness has to have been OTE. Least favourite for running smoothly but certainly no slouch in the "fresh ideas" camp was Dreamtime which was intellectually stimulating whilst being a bit slow to play. Work is ongoing.

Other than that I am pounding the keys frantically on the home stretch with Levercastle which nearly has a magic system and does, in fact, have an Alchemy system which all the failed alchemists in my campaign may be pleased, or nervous, to hear.

For now though, arrivederci.

9 February 2010

Not Dead, Just Sleeping

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury I present for your consideration:

A week in the Canaries (hot, all inclusive bonanza, most restful) - just gone.
No Dice event this Saturday at Nottingham's Mondo Comico
Games Weekend from next Weds eve

Yup, I'll be back on track after all that...

See you soon!