26 December 2013

Podcast - Lost Christmas Episode

The cast of the original 80s Kids cartoon show reunite for this special Christmas episode. Find out the relevance of pink custard, particularly when contained in a blue earthenware jug; why you might not want to go out for milk when there are aliens about; what Fortnum and Mason started serving in 1886 (Real Trivia Fact!); and what happened to the *real* Ebenezer Scrooge in this crazy sci-fi adventure from the people who brought you loads of rambling discussion about 80s movies.

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21 December 2013

Archived Podcasts

You Get What You Deserve

Only Leo and Ian this week but they have BIG problems with BIG Cinema. Discussions drift from the unloved Ender's Game Adaptation to the lack of thought provoking films these days. But aren't we getting the Cinema we deserve?

Between the Internet's never ending desire to see the world burn and the current Golden age of TV the Big Screen is being squeezed. Too big to fail they're playing to the lowest common denominator for as many humans on seats as possible. Spectacle and lots of explosions is something TV can't do, so it isn't surprising Films lean that way.

High budget thought provoking films have been made and died unseen, worse, they died with hails of vitriol from the Internet. But how is any of that the Film makers fault? With our Dollars and Pounds we've shaped the market we have now and show little sign of changing our habits. Leo has allot to say, Ian just wants chicken.

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Dr Who Or What?

This week Ian traps his fellow 80's kids in the labyrinthine maze of a Dr Who Quiz. There he assails Leo and Justin with teasing multiple choice questions. Their only respite in this humiliation are Dr Who related discussions ranging from childhood memories, the series' death in the 80's and it's barn storming rebirth in 2005 with Paul McGann's American TV movie falling somewhere in-between.

Despite the lucid and often insightful nature of Leo and Justin's reflections on all things Who, Ian totally undercuts their punditry by stumping them with questions the majority of 'real fans' would find trivially easy. But aren't the opinions of laymen viewers more insightful and balanced than the hard core obsessives? What qualities must New Who strive to retain if it hopes to keep broadening it's audience for another 50 years?

Who cares! It's the one and only Dr Who edition of the 80's Kids!!! So get your sonics ready, adjust your scarves and bow ties and prepare to have your nostalgia regenerated as we wander through the space and times of Dr Who. Leo deduces his answers, Justin takes a wild stab while Ian writes a wall of text rebuttal on a forum somewhere deep in the internet.

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20 December 2013

Podcast - Pre-Christmas Indulgences

It's the week before Christmas and the 80s Kids turn their minds to a most vexing topic. Films that they like that they are fully aware are hated by most of the rest of the world. Some choices have even caused divides within the group.

This leaves the discussion to proceed along two paths. One, what redeeming quality does someone find in something most people agree to be drivel, and why do people hate movie/tv series x quite so much?

Topics as diverse as Star Trek Voyager, Lady In The Water, Aliens vs Predator, Resident Evil and the Underworld franchise are on the table for discussion. Nobody mention guilty pleasures!

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13 December 2013

Podcast - The Beginning of the End (of the 80s)

NOTE: I'm back on podcast posting duties this week after Ian was doing the last few. To ensure you don't miss any make sure that you check out our podomatic page eightieskids.podomatic.com

It all starts off a bit masculine in this week's episode, how could it otherwise in a year that brought us Predator, The Running Man and Robocop? Before long though the discussion takes a distinct turn for the feminine as it behooves the present 80s Kids (Leo, Ian and Sue) to consider the wealth of female-oriented entertainment 1987 spewed out in bulk.

And so goes the story of yet another proud 80s year. There is a twist in the tale, however, for 1987 is where we first begin to detect the insidious presence of the 90s. 1987's failures were echoes of the cinematic wasteland to come. In addition we see the fading of such standards as the kiddie cast genre action movie in the sub-par Monster Squad (which is still a lot of fun but nowhere near the high point of the genre).

Films such as Robocop and Wall Street told us our love affair with corporate excess and the free market was approaching its end and if Robocop signalled anything it was that the divorce would be messy. On the other side of the coin the indie film-makers were sniffing around and the first signs of the massive indie explosion of the 90s were felt in titles like Hellraiser and Bad Taste.

The winds of change had started to blow, but the 80s party is still far from over. Cling onto your neon lit, synthesizer scored rite-of-passage party, midnight is coming...

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