25 June 2013

Podcast - 75-76: The Edge Of Time

This week we're out on a limb looking at a time when only one of the eighties kids existed at all. Leo takes a pop at the Pink Panther and tries to establish whether Rocky could properly be seen as a watershed in action heroes.

Is Dirty Harry really emo? And did the Rocky Horror Picture Show combat repression in any meaningful way? We may not have answers but we have loads of fascinating questions.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/0087576TheEdgeOfTime/008-75-76_The-Edge-Of-Time.mp3

19 June 2013

Podcast - 70s TV: The Cultural Cannibal's Larder

It turns out during the course of this week's show that, despite the fact that not one 80s kid was properly old enough to remember 70s TV the first time round, repeats, reboots and remakes have ingrained the TV of the 70s into all of our minds.

Of course some of the stuff that we pull out of the great ideational toy box of the 70s doesn't look quite the same as it did when we put it in there, BSG, I'm looking at you, but it is pretty staggering the sheer amount of stuff from the 70s that we're still plundering for our entertainment today. Then, there are a few notable exceptions.

Won't you join us at the buffet table?

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/00770sTVTheCulturalCannibalsLarder/007-70s-TV-The-Cultural-Cannibals-Larder.mp3

11 June 2013

Podcast: It's Not TEOTWAWKI

The end of the world looms large over the 80s kids this week but the apocalypse, it seems, just ain't what it used to be. Leo & Ian, joined by Sue and special guest Sam, take a few minutes to ponder on how the dystopian visions of the future used to have a lot more substance than they appear to today. The following existential angst is barely lifted by the news and a few shout outs.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/006ItsNotTEOTWAWKI/006-Its_Not_TEOTWAWKI.mp3

4 June 2013

Podcast: The 70s Part 2: Voodoo Sweeties and Sci Fi Struggles

Once more Leo and Ian head into the era of crimplene slacks and flicky hair to return with their respective picks of the decade. Some consternation is bound to result when the 80s Kids reveal their top two films produced in the decade that taste forgot.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/005The70sPtTwo/005-The_70s-PtTwo.mp3