19 June 2013

Podcast - 70s TV: The Cultural Cannibal's Larder

It turns out during the course of this week's show that, despite the fact that not one 80s kid was properly old enough to remember 70s TV the first time round, repeats, reboots and remakes have ingrained the TV of the 70s into all of our minds.

Of course some of the stuff that we pull out of the great ideational toy box of the 70s doesn't look quite the same as it did when we put it in there, BSG, I'm looking at you, but it is pretty staggering the sheer amount of stuff from the 70s that we're still plundering for our entertainment today. Then, there are a few notable exceptions.

Won't you join us at the buffet table?

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/00770sTVTheCulturalCannibalsLarder/007-70s-TV-The-Cultural-Cannibals-Larder.mp3

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