19 December 2014

Archived Podcasts-Farewell to the 90s!

Episode 72 - 2014 Film Rumble Showdown

The Time has come to review our predictions of the winners and losers of summer 2014 brutal box office film grinder. To this end Leo takes us genre by genre through the various players educating us on the ebb and flow of fortunes.

Some interjection is made by Justin and Ian, who can just about elbow a word in here or there as Leo descends down the results which seem to be both predictable and surprising at the same time. From the unloved "Edge of Tomorrow" to the retro childhood of Guardians, the sad fate of Noah and the 'boo hiss' winning but still somehow losing fortunes of Big Bay.

Were we wrong about everything? I do wonder why people listen to anything we say sometimes.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/0722014SummerReview/072%20-%202014%20Summer%20Review.mp3

Episode 73 - Top 5 Films of the 90's - The Redemptioning Part 1

As Winston Churchill once said: "This isn't the End, it is not not even the beginning of the End but it is perhaps the end of the frigging 90s!!" Yes it's that magical time again where 80s kids come together and finally fess up what their top 5 fav movies of that particular decade actually are.

This week we deal with numbers 5 to 3! Ian's number five is the charming tale of a small town entrepreneur starting a window cleaning business, Leo's Number Five is about a drawing contest and Justin's Number five was just well drawn.

Leo's number four is just so unreal, Justin's involves lots of bold men in leather, Sue's choice needs batteries much to Ian's annoyance.
Justin's Number three has skimpy outfits all round, Leo's number four has him quite beside himself but maybe that's because Sue's Number three choice has him looking like Death warmed up. Next week ... Number Two and One!
Incidental music by Incompetech.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/073Top5FilmsOffThe90sTheRedemptioningPart1/073%20-%20Top%205%20Films%20off%20the%2090s%20-%20The%20Redemptioning%20Part%201.mp3

Episode 74 - Top 5 Films of the 90's - The Redemptioning Part 2

And so the final hour of the 90s has come at last ... But as the sun sets on this much maligned ten year period the 80s kids have one final task to perform, finish their top 5 films of the decade they all claimed to have very little love for. Tricky.

Nevertheless our full quartet of 80s Kids will rise to the challenge: Sue's Number Two choice proves people will do anything these days to get off Television and Justin's number two involved a lot of confused children stopping strangers in the street and asking for directions in French.

Ian's Number one involves post apocalyptic babysitter getting into a crazy caper and Leo's Number One film of the 90s is famous for many things, one of which is spoon denial.

And with that done the Sun rises, FINALLY, on the 21st century and the 90s are now but a memory. This is what we call a happy ending!

Incidental Music by Incompetech.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/074Top5FilmsOfThe90sTheRedemptioningPartTwo/074%20-%20Top%205%20Films%20of%20the%2090s%20-%20The%20Redemptioning%20Part%20Two.mp3