31 October 2013

Podcast - Obvious Halloween Show 2013

Here is the dilemma.

Dilemma Prong 1: Do obvious Halloween show but risk being seen as, well, obvious.

Dilemma Prong 2: Avoid the obvious Halloween show but irritate everyone because the obvious show is an undiscussed elephant in the room.

So we opted for prong 1.

Although it has to be said, when the 80s kids recount their top 3 favourite Horror movie morsels there are some surprising choices. This probably stems from the fact that only one self-identifies as a horror fan, that being Sue. Ian is a self-confessed horror dunce. Leo watches all movies on their own merit and Justin... well, let's just say he claims not to know much about it but in the course of the show you may come to see him as a closet fiend fan.

So let's get into the spookiest topic we'll cover in 2013 and hopefully help you think a different way about your horror movie choices.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/025ObviousHalloweenShow2013/025-Obvious-Halloween-Show-2013.mp3

24 October 2013

Podcast - A Summer of Various Disappointments

It has become something of a tradition to look to summer movies for the provision of massive, popcorn swilling, eye-popping entertainments that swell the soul with awe and wonder. It has also become something of a tradition to look back over those summer seasons with a bittersweet recollection of highs and lows.

Some years the experience is a mixed bag with stand out happy moments in a morass of mediocrity and couple of real stinkers for good measure. Last year had a glistening high point in the shape of The Avengers and plenty of other similar fare for the discerning genre fan.

This year... well, this year one could not avoid disappointment wherever one turned it seems. Nowhere was there not a film underperforming at the box office, or letting down the fanbase, or just being thoroughly ho hum on every level.

So it is that the 80s Kids turn their eye to consider the summer just gone and ask what hope for the future, if any one can salvage from it.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/024ASummerOfVariousDisappointments/024-A-Summer-Of-Various-Disappointments.mp3

17 October 2013

Podcast - A Very Special Episode: Raiders of the Lost Arc

In the synth-scored montage of the tale of the 80s kids, and how they got their revenge, this is a key plot moment indeed. This is our idea of A Very Special Episode, we're not going to be talking about issues, or facing up to the serious side of the world in some maudlin after school special, oh no.

This week we're a man down, work done has been lost due to technical error and even Sue was out. So Leo and Ian do what they do best, sit down and have a thoroughly beardy discussion about whether the current trend of story arc based television is such a good thing as everyone thinks.

After all, we're in a Golden Age of television, supposedly. If this is the case then why do so many series's lose their way, jump the shark and lose everyone's interest. Well, we don't know for certain, but we've got a few ideas...

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/023AVSERaidersOfTheLostArc/023-AVSE-Raiders-of-the-Lost-Arc.mp3

5 October 2013

Podcast - The M Word

While Justin's away enjoying fame and fortune Ian & Leo are joined by Sue to talk about the recent hot topic of misogyny at the movies.

It's been a summer when the 'm' word has been bandied about in connection with various movies, notably Star Trek Into Darkness and Riddick. So we decided it was time to invite the wrath of the internet and blather our opinions (others of equal value are available) on the topic while there was a woman in the room.

Somebody is about to be wrong on the internet.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/022TheMWord/022-The-M-Word.mp3