15 August 2013

Podcast - 1981: Genre-Movie-A-Go-Go

1981 dawns bright and fresh in our memory this week, a year so crammed full of cinematic goodness an hour barely seems like an adequate amount of time to cover it all off.

The legacy of Star Wars and Halloween is felt in '81, perhaps, more heavily than it was felt previously. The amount of SF and fantasy released in '81 was truly staggering.

The traditional horror fodder of the 70s was being left behind in a deluge of slasher movies, gross out horror and more fantastic fare featuring exploding heads, babylonian zombies and flesh-warping werewolves.

The eighties were most definitely here but still finding their feet, so let's look at the triumphs and tragedies of one of the most imaginitive years in cinematic history.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/0151981GenreMovieAGoGo/015-1981-Genre-Movie-A-Go-Go.mp3

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