22 August 2013

Podcast - Never Forget The Gunge!

Nowadays genre television is of such a high quality that it's a tough game to get into. Faint hearts abound as TV Channels would rather put out tosh like 'Sharknado' than produce a low-production value genre show.

In the 80s this shame was no issue as channels worldwide embraced monsters made of rubber and gaffer tape, sets made of cardboard and endless scenes shot in quarries. Not only that but we went right along with them embracing shows that begged the indulgence of our imaginations to make up for the lack of an effects budget.

The 80s kids examine with affection the role that the UK played in our genre landscape from our attempts at robot based sitcoms to the special schedule for good telly dictated by only having a handful of broadcast channels. It's a good, solid UK-based nostalgiafest this week and all the better for it.

Last one to the sofa has to wear the Helmet of Justice!

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/016NeverForgetTheGunge/016-Never-Forget-The-Gunge.mp3

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