1 August 2013

Podcast - Verhoeven Retrospective

Bit of an emergency podcast this week as sound files in Leo's hard drive go mysteriously astray. So we poke around in a couple of recent news items, SyFy's recent darker themed programming and trepidation surrounding the upcoming RoboCop reboot, before talking Verhoeven.

The Dutch director brought the late 80s and 1990s some defining cinematic moments from ED-209 to Arnie's head exploding on Mars, from Sharon Stone's calculated wardrobe malfunction to the sight of Doogie Howser SS. The 80s kids ponder the violent imagery and deeper motivations of the man who made the 90s sexier and gorier than the previous decade.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/013ItsBeginningToLookABitLikeRobo/013-Its_Beginning_To_Look_A_Bit_Like_Robo.mp3

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