11 March 2014

The Elias Anomaly

Well, I suppose it had to happen.

Maybe it didn't have to happen, in the strictest sense, but I threatened it enough on the podcast and what-have-you. So I present for your perusal and delight "The Elias Anomaly" on Wattpad. Blurb to follow.

Who is Joseph Elias? 
There wouldn't be much point asking Joseph. When he takes a trip down a glowing tunnel located behind a local department store he discovers not only that he is wrong about a great many things, but also that he has little idea about how to make things right. 
Dulcinea Fernandez thinks she's got Joseph's number, but how much can a Caretaker of Endoverse Inc's gigantic artificial reality theme park, AKA The Cluster, really be expected to know about anything? The answer, unsurprisingly, turns out to be 'not very much at all'. 
There are others who claim to know something about Joseph Elias, the Agent, and Simon Grace of the Department of Sub-Realities, for example. The problem there being their transparent motivations to fulfil darkly mysterious agandas, which essentially reduces their trustworthiness to zero. 
In the end it's up to Joseph and Dulcie to sort out the problems of Joseph's anomalous existence on a journey that will make you question the nature of reality and consciousness all the while not quite being able to get rainbows to render correctly.

This is, obviously, a development of the serial work I was doing last year, but I haven't tied myself to such a punishing schedule for this one. Don't expect weekly updates but I will be getting to the end as it's within view of my current place within the text.

I'm also interested in seeing how Wattpad works with regards to it being a sort of DeviantArt for writers. I am still yet to find anything on there that enthralls me enough to get past the first couple of chapters. I might hope that if you go and check out Elias I might have made that task, for you, just a little simpler.

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