4 March 2014

Normal? Service Will Be Resumed...

I live in Wales.

I still haven't racked up more than four days on the trot yet, the downstairs of my house is full of boxes and laundry (and boxes of laundry) and light on furniture, but the fact is inescapable. Not that there aren't signs of domesticity. I think that getting the bedroom into a decent state (or close to at least) has been essential. Also, while waiting for the arrival of the "Sofa of Destiny", we have furnished my little upstairs cubby hole, this serves as "Lounge (2)" for the time being.

So, hopefully my plans to return to the keyboard a bit more regularly in 2014 will soon be in a position to be realised. Right now I have to go to another keyboard where I shall continue to wrap my head around Microsoft MVC. Later, clearing space for the Sofa of Destiny.

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