17 January 2013

Blurry Lines

Just dropped by to update the work in progress sidebar. While I'm here I would like to make an observation. 2013 has started with a massive blurring of the lines when it comes to the difference between traditional and indie authors.

The chief place this is true is in quality. Back in 2006-ish there were very few self-pubbed books I read which could stand toe to toe with the stuff you might pick up in a bookstore. Since December I have read one book published by Momentum, a digital only imprint offering indie-comparable download prices, and one complete Indie offering and I would say that, although Dark City Blue had the edge IMO it was a close run thing.

I'm currently reading Devil's Hand by M.E.Patterson and it's really good (that's the short review of circa 25% of the book). So of the last three self-pubbed books I've read (the other being APE) I would recommend all of them for one reason or another and none of them look weak next to the more traditional offering. In addition the traditional offering looks more indie and I'm imagining the author of that feels like an indie author at the moment as this is his debut electronic-first offering.

The landscape of fiction publishing is definitely starting to flatten into what it will become. It will be a bumpy ride for certain.

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