31 October 2017

Vodou Cymru

Wild Welsh Vodou came to play,
From the top of the Beacons to Tiger Bay.
This land can be darkened with trouble and toil,
Countrymen take comfort in the breath of hwyl.

Raise up your voice, through the valley it rings,
Reawaken our loa, our gods, our kings.
Thrill to the ancient, earth-born song
Invoke the dragon-spirit that was once thought gone.

Sweet, clear harmonies the druid's song,
No invader kept them silent long.
The bards soothed souls when they raised a harp,
Told epic stories with wits, razor sharp.

The land hears stories, on tales it feeds,
Myth and magic, words and deeds.
One thousand spirits from the heights to the deep,
Dwell in rich, dark earth where the rhythm sleeps.

Hear the old ones call, whispers after dark,
Pay the piper at the gates of Cwmdonkin Park.
There's a sprite or two that will grant your wishes,
Pay due respect at the fortress of the fishes.

'Neath a bone white moon tread the coastal way,
Hear the call of the mermaids, raging surf in the bay.
Feel the weight of ages, nearly sets the soul mourning,
But the song of the earth awakens new dawning.

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