7 December 2012

All Worth It?

This morning I have awoken to find that one person that I almost certainly don't know (bought through .com so US or India surely) has bought a copy of The Silent Majority.

Was it worth it? In this world where literally thousands of competing media vie for every available second of every human being's attention, you betcha.

I appreciate the fact that friends and family put up with me doing what I do. I know it's a pain. My wife listens to me read things to her (a stamp of quality she honestly wouldn't bother if they were rubbish) my beta readers provide me with insights and everyone else gives me support and recognition.

In a very real way when someone random buys a copy of one of the books, any of the books, it validates all their effort in tolerating the odd habits of a man who moans about not having enough time to fiddle about with Neverwinter Nights because he's too busy writing a book.

So I guess we all thank you anonymous purchasers of people's novels because otherwise we would all have been wasting our time. One of us slightly more than the rest is all.

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