10 August 2012

The Post's On Side

The Huffington Post that is. Today's self-publishing article from their blog is more encouragement and analysis for my views on the self-publishing scene. I'm becoming a Huff Post fanboy, for certain.

The other thing that caught my eye implies quite clearly that many people who wish to dabble in the waters of self-publishdom might not really have understood the point of the brave new Kinde-riffic era.

In other news I'm hoping to ressurrect my review column on here. I used to have to trawl about for free stuff or plough through PDFs on my PC to review self-pubbed stuff, relying on the generosity of authors to supply me. Now I have an e-Reader (not Kindle) and many commercially available books are cheap enough for me to buy review copies.

Watch this space. It's more lively already.

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