31 July 2023

The Chao of Discordia: Three



1. If you seek not to excite rivalry among your fellows, treat all among them, wise and foolish, as equals, for they are. If you seek to avoid thieves, do not prize or promote material objects. To avoid greed and addiction and embrace a peaceful mind, ignore those things that promote greed and addiction.

2. A pope in the exercise of their power, empties their heart of the illusion of desire, fills their bellies, tempers their dreams, strengthens their core.

3. So the people can be innocent of the illusion, remind them of the illusion. For those who think they know better, remind them that they are preoccupied with an illusion and it would be foolish to act on such false preoccupation. By acting within one’s own reality tunnel without infringing on another’s, all may live in peace.

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