14 July 2023

New Partwork - The Chao of Discordia: One


1. The chao that can be understood is not the infinite chao. The chao that can be named chao is not the infinite chao.

2. The infinite chao is the originator of the Eristic and Aneristic. She who is named Eris is the mother of all things.

3. One may attempt to strip themselves of illusions to perceive an objective reality. But the illusions we create make up all the meaning in reality. So we can never truly perceive objective reality

4. Objective reality and our reality tunnel, for this reason, are pragmatically one and the same to each person. Aspects of objective reality are given different names as a person apprehends them. They can both be called a lens to view the infinite chao. To understand the lens is the key to harmony between yourself and the maelstrom of infinite chao

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