5 September 2013

Podcast - Pity The Fool Who Messes With Our Imports

Fire up your robot car, get out your welding irons and affix some sheet metal to a 4x4, turn into whatever animal you want as long as it's an eagle or a tiger, it's time to look at some of the 80s viewing aimed at younger audiences from across the Atlantic.

Of course, there were anomalous programmes such as the A-Team which didn't start out for kids, things that straddled the gap like Knight Rider and stuff aimed squarely at the younger viewer such as Benji, Zaxx and the Alien Prince.

Basically, if it had a real person in it and it came from the USA in the 80s the 80s kids are getting into it this week. (The cartoons, well, they merit a whole show to themselves He-Man and Transformers fans!)

SPECIAL BONUS CONTENT: Response to feedback, listen on after the end theme to enjoy this response to a detailed fan comment from our Pod-O-Matic page.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/018PityTheFoolWhoMessesWithOurImports/018-Pity-The-Fool-Who-Messes-With-Our-Imports.mp3

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