3 December 2012

Today's, Apparently, Not The Day

So. KDP.

I submit my book for publication. At this point you completely remove my control over my book and place it "in review". Then, inexplicably, two books parts 2 and 3 of the trilogy, skip merrily through your "review" process and head on to publication. In the meanwhile volume 1 sits in review.

Okay. I hadn't considered the possibility you might only want to publish volumes 2 and 3 without also publishing volume 1. I don't want you to do that. Could I just call the whole thing off until we've sorted out volume one?

Oh. No. I still don't have any control over my files. Great work. How long will it take before I can remove volumes 2 and 3 from sale? Up to 12 hours? Well, if I just want to cancel publication why would you make me wait until the middle of the night to do that?

No reason. Oh. Okay, I see.

Why do even the simplest things have to be turned into a major ordeal?

No reason. Right. Fine.

Please find a hole, drop into it and die.



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