15 December 2009

Robojoe In Trouble

I don't think anyone expected the Facebook renegades' wishes to actually resolve to anything. Now it's on the BBC as a top story. Of course Robojoe's version of "The Climb" gets released on CD tomorrow so things will probably even out then. But maybe...

Am I one of these angry people who rails against the X Factor ruining the music industry? No. Of course not. If Olly had won I'd be on Olly's side. Now I think this is the nicest way of telling Robojoe that winning the X Factor shouldn't go to his head. I stand by my opinion that I don't think he's a viable pop artist for this time. He's not a great performer so it doesn't matter how great his voice is.

Not that I even agree with that, necessarily. I think if I had to listen to a Robojoe album I'd be fit for slitting my wrists by track four or five.

I'm sorry but IMO pop should be fun. Moaning on in a ballady way is fine for a little pathos and all that but mostly I want to be exhilirated by musicians not depressed by them.

To a greater extent I only like the whole X Factor pop thing because I like its pop culture impact and all of this hoopla with people getting upset over nonsense and what-have-you. I also like to see if I can pick a winner, not a short term winner, but an act with real appeal that will last.

I don't think Robojoe's got the chops, to be frank.

Anyhoo, I'm off to work on the No Dice wiki until tomorrow mine's a basket of chocolate covered meerkats!

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