23 April 2009

Fan Mail!

Not just for me, of course but for the whole No Dice team. We received the mail yesterday afternoon from an early fan of the system. Apart from the obvious joy at having a fan at all we were all absolutely made up to have it be a fan of a type we had always intended this system for. A long time gamer, his wife and son are all champing at the bit to try a bit of No Dice, apparently.

This just about covers all the bases as far as we're concerned. We were trying to put a few ideas into RP which would encourage older gamers, gamers with less time, and also younger gamers. The latest podcast sees us all gush on somewhat about how great this all is and how fantastic everybody's being before we have one droplet of finished ink to show them.

I'm not quite sure how to conclude a piece of good news... oh. Like this.

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