18 January 2009


Okay, so now I'm here and with "Donate" buttons and filthy lucre generating advertisements all over the shop I am itching to just get on with the business of telling you about the No Dice project. I haven't got much time this evening but I'll just put a few words down so that you can get the hang.

No Dice is a new RPG. More than that. It's a new *TYPE* of RPG. It's come about as a result of my own love of the hobby, of my fellow player's love for story based RPGs and our struggle to find something new that maximises the fun and minimises the dull. No Dice is the distillation of all our experiments.

I'm just revising the core rulebook for the system and once that's done I'm going to make up an edition and publish it through Lulu who have long been my self-publishing company of choice. I had a look at Amazon's Createspace and considered jumping ship but... well, Lulu is just plain better. It really is.

The Core Book for No Dice will be free to download, it will cost to have a printed copy but only paper and ink costs, no royalty, or if there is a royalty it will be donated to a charity of my choosing.

The core project will be entirely supported through donations, not that I need much, I can do this work for love and I fully intend to, but I can work for longer if I have more money in the bank.

Future No Dice spin offs, well, I will be charging for them. Real money. But that's because they're extras, sweat from my brow and all that. There will be some No Dice freebies but that's mostly because I want to produce No Dice rules for systems based on defunct TV shows that I don't have any IP rights to. They will be entirely free, I really am doing those for love.

So now you know the plan. You should be able to see it come together in the next few weeks as I begin to publish my core rulebook excerpts. So stick around if you love RPGs because this promises to be something very different.

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