Not Video - Monkey Business Podcast Pilot

Go to to have a listen to the pilot for our Patreon project the Monkey Business Comedy podcast. There you'll find a link to the Patreon page where you can pledge your support.

Webcast - 80s Kids Summer Predictions Live

This was part of a podcast I do with my friends, a live broadcast about movies which we put out on 7th March 2015. We talk about upcoming movies and how we think they'll do at the box office. Same camera as the Camera Confidence session but with better mics. Notice how the quality, at least in my part, is vastly improved by having clearer sound. (Ian in Aus also has a USB mic, Justin is using the built in cam and mic on his Apple).

Webcast - Project Work from the Class: Camera Confidence 13th Feb 2015

Unfortunately due to technical limitations we ended up sending this broadcast via a sports camera hence the slight fishbowl and the echo on the sound. Other than that the broadcast was a success assembled and managed by the class in about an hour during the course.

Webcast - 11 Feb 2015 Using New Media Q&A

This week's webcast was a general Q&A on using new media to push your business forward. I hope to do more Q&As in the future. If you wish to be kept informed then please circle me on Google Plus.

Hangout About Hangouts

Following the Eighties Kids live Hangout it became apparent I had a lot to learn. Scanning the ranks of existing Hangouts on Air it became apparent I had a lot to teach. So I combined my missions into this experimental session with some screen sharing and a use of the Q&A app. Incidentally, I subsequently found out what the Showcase app was for and it isn't terribly exciting.

Eighties Kids Video Cast

Along with a couple of good friends I have been involved in a podcast project for the last two years talking about films and popular culture. Recently we're exploring the opportunities available through Google's Hangouts-On-Air service. This is a short test broadcast we did as a proof of concept.

Once the on-air hangout is complete it is automatically archived onto YouTube. As the video owner you can use Google's in-built tools to edit the podcast, trimming it down and adding captions.

Onion Custard Minis

A couple of author snippets for Onion Custard publishing with authors talking about their books taken from a longer piece about the Caerphilly Book Fair 2014 that was organised by Onion Custard.

Scary Stories with Peter Rowlands at Books & Pontyclun

This was something of a test case but I'm pretty happy with the results. The brief was to get in, film the event, maybe do a bit of extra stuff for the video and then edit a two hour plus event down to what you see here. I shot and edited the film myself and guided Peter through the interview process. I'm hoping to do more work at Books & Pontyclun so you'll be able to see a variety of approaches to filming an event. Watch this space!