21 April 2014

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Show 37 - When Leo Met Ian and The Cultural Soup They Swam In

No Justin this week, so Leo must face the brave task of rebuilding Ian's shattered psyche alone. The formally Dr Who obsessed 80's kid has been brainwashed and has gone full 'Bronie'. If he cannot be brought back from his confused amnesiac state he will be lost to a magical world of small flying pastel shaded horses forever.

And so a trip down memory lane begins as Leo regresses Ian back to the time they first met in the early 90s while on a Media course. There he further provokes Ian's identity to reassert it self by reminding him what a deeply sad Dr Who fan he was, even back then. But Leo's smugness soon fades when he realises he himself is just a character from Twin Peaks.

Together they swim further in the cultural soup of their lad-hood and the films, TV, books and other media that were so current at the time: X-Files, Terry Pratchett, Quentin Tarantino, Independence Day and Cypress Hill. It's all in the mixer today as our 80s kids remember that time they were 90s bros.

Direct Download: https://archive.org/download/037WhenLeoMetIanAndTheCulturalSoupTheySwamInTogether/037-When-Leo-Met-Ian-and-the-cultural-soup-they-swam-in-together.mp3

Show 38 - Films 1989 - Greg Evigan vs Batman vs Slipstream vs Justin's sanity vs Shatner vs God

This week our trio (+ wife) tackle the films of 1989. They brave serious threat to life and limb by gushing over James Cameron once again, fortunately this director has surely peaked with the 'Abyss' and so we confidently predict we won't have to prattle on endlessly about him in the 90's. Oh wait…

Meanwhile Timothy Dalton seeks an unregulated killing in his final Bond film and Justin's head explodes with the inanity of 'Slipstream'. DC's 'Batman' spreads his dark rubbery wings and begins his cinematic crusade for justice while Marvel's 'Punisher' goes full Dolph Lundgren.

Sue again recalls fondly 89's timey whimey air disaster romance puzzle 'Millennium' while Ian sighs “BOHICA” tires to enjoy 'Star Trek V.' Leo then takes us on a whistle stop tour of 89's action movies before formally identifying the mutilated corpse of 'Erik the Viking'. These are the last films of the 80's and this is our survivor’s tale.

Direct Download: https://archive.org/download/038Films1989GregEviganVsBatmanVsSlipstreamVsJustinSSanityVsShatnerVsGod/038-Films-1989-Greg-Evigan-vs-Batman-vs-Slipstream-vs-Justin_s-sanity-vs-Shatner-vs-God.mp3

Extra - 1989 Responding to a Response

This is not an actual episode, you'll be getting one of those in two days as normal. This is a little something else 'EXTRA'. We had a comment upon our 1989 show and felt duty bound to respond with our spoken words and manic hand gestures. As it turns out we rambled on rather too much and this was now way too long to include in our next show. So in an effort to respond sooner rather than later we're putting it out as an extra ahead of the podcast it was intended for. Enjoy.

Direct Download: https://archive.org/download/Extra1989RespondingToAResponse/Extra%20-%201989%20Responding%20to%20a%20Response.mp3

39 - Bad relationship Advice & The Hunger Games Discussion

This week Leo and Ian sit down to have a pleasant chat about Child Murder as the official sport of the state and how grateful they are the rebellion is over. But first some unpleasant business needs sorting out as Ian issues forth a grovelling apology to George Lucas while Leo crows over Quentin Tarantino's latest woes.

With all that out the way our two heroes dive forth into an epic chin wag over Teenlit's latest sensation to strike a pose at the cinema, “The Hunger Games” series. Much musing is done as to why this grim dystopia where young adults die horribly is such a unique hit while so many other pretenders to “Twilight's” legacy have died off.

Much could be made of the series' love triangle but despite much prodding it doesn't seem to be the answer for our two bemused heroes, so the Wife is called into action in the hopes of finding a resolution and she promptly sets about bombing Teenlit's obsession with bad relationships into the ground, probably forever.

Direct Download: https://archive.org/download/039BadRelationshipAdviceTheHungerGamesDiscussion/039-Bad-relationship-advice-The-Hunger-Games-discussion.mp3

40 - Top 5 Films of the 80's Grand Slam Part 1

This week our Trio finally sit down and begin the lengthy process of confessing what their personal top FIVE movies of the 1980's actual are. They don't know what each other has picked, so not only will this be a journey of discovery but suspense too as it is totally possible they picked the same movies and will have to nervously laugh it off. So sit back and enjoy the start of the epic ramble as the 80's Kids lay bare their kinks and quirks.

What will the verbose meta spinning Leo pick for his Number 5? Will it require a black board with diagrams to explain? What about the artistically balanced Justin? Will his Number 4 make your head pop open? And of course the Sci Fi obsessive Ian, will his Number 3 make you want to throw yourself out an airlock? Well. Lets find out!

Incidental music “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” by Kevin McLeod of incompetech.com

Direct Download: https://archive.org/download/040Top5FilmsOfThe80sGrandSlamPart1/040-Top-5-Films-of-the-80s-Grand-Slam-Part-1.mp3

41 - Top 5 Films of the 80's Grand Slam Part 2

This week our heroic trio finish off recounting their personal top five films from the 1980's! Having vanquished numbers 5, 4 and 3 last week all that remains is to hunker on down and chew through their remaining top two.

Of course the joy of it all is they don't know what each other has picked and so it is entirely possible they've all selected exactly the same films making this a somewhat short blunt episode of general agreement and consensus. Either that or it's going to be a lengthy debate over up to six films with heated words and ruthless disagreement over each others pithy choices. Well, either way here we are. Cometh the hour cometh the Top Five films of the 1980's from the perspectives of Messrs Justin, Ian and Leo.

What will their last two films be? The Second best films of the 80's: Will Justin's choice be so brilliant we can't even look at it? Will Ian's be a short film? Will Leo's have a showdown at the top of a very tall building? And finally the Number one best film of the 80's: Will Justin's choice make us ask profound questions on the human condition? Will Ian's make us ask 'Who's the Daddy?' and lastly will Leo's final choice have a showdown at the top of a very tall building? Let us find out together!

Direct Download: https://archive.org/download/041Top5FilmsOfThe80sGrandSlamPart2/041-Top-5-Films-of-the-80s-Grand-Slam-Part-2.mp3

6 April 2014

Archived Podcasts

Episode 35: A Podcast Worth A Thousand Words - 09-Jan-2014

Although none of those words are spoken by Ian, sadly absent from this week's cast but fondly remembered by Leo and Justin who get down to business talking about films with that particular visual flair. Never ones to steer clear of the clashing rocks of cliche we steer full steam ahead into asking an artist what it is he likes in the cinema generally.

We talk Burton, we talk Gilliam and while we're at it we talk Kubrick, Hitchcock passes through on the way somewhere else. As the visual medium is dissected we necessarily revisit the topic of CGI versus practical and the increasing difficulty of telling them apart.

Finally we visit the new breed of CGI-fest film a la, and specifically, Sin City and 300 which are not designed to mask their CG roots, but rather revel in being a highly stylised visual feast, is this a great thing or a menace?

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/035APodcastWorthAThousandWords/035-A-Podcast-Worth-A-Thousand-Words.mp3

Episode 36: Yippie Ki Yay - The  Films of 1988 16-Jan-2014

This week the terrible trio arrive in the ripening year of 1988 and set upon it's films with their usual vigour. It is the year of 'Die Hard' and trust us, we don't forget it. Indeed memories of other action flicks this year do not come easily. Justin and Ian turn their childhoods up to 11 and gush over 'Who Framed Rodger Rabbit?' provoking the largely indifferent Leo to unleash Sue upon them and put an end to their unfounded enjoyment of this movie.

Beetlejuice is revisited and a moment is taken to muse on 'The Naked Gun' which is definitely not as funny as it used to be. Indeed there is a bit of 80's malaise starting into set in with a heavy glut of sequels culled from the decade's earlier successes, but before they can ponder this fully a small cube shaped puzzle box sends everyone to hell. Clawing their way out of the underworld the Revengeful Three note the films tumbling pass them into void; 80's lingering Fantasy genre finally expires with 'Willow'. Also vanishing never to be seen again is "Earth Girls are Easy' and 'Young Einstein' with it's disturbing menu.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/036YippieKayYayFilmsOf1988/036-Yippie%20Kay%20Yay%20Films%20of%201988.mp3

20 March 2014

Archived Podcasts Galore! (Including Christmas Special 2013)

Episode 31: 1987 - The Beginning Of The End (Of The 80s)

It all starts off a bit masculine in this week's episode, how could it otherwise in a year that brought us Predator, The Running Man and Robocop? Before long though the discussion takes a distinct turn for the feminine as it behooves the present 80s Kids (Leo, Ian and Sue) to consider the wealth of female-oriented entertainment 1987 spewed out in bulk. And so goes the story of yet another proud 80s year.

There is a twist in the tale, however, for 1987 is where we first begin to detect the insidious presence of the 90s. 1987's failures were echoes of the cinematic wasteland to come. In addition we see the fading of such standards as the kiddie cast genre action movie in the sub-par Monster Squad (which is still a lot of fun but nowhere near the high point of the genre). Films such as Robocop and Wall Street told us our love affair with corporate excess and the free market was approaching its end and if Robocop signalled anything it was that the divorce would be messy.

On the other side of the coin the indie film-makers were sniffing around and the first signs of the massive indie explosion of the 90s were felt in titles like Hellraiser and Bad Taste. The winds of change had started to blow, but the 80s party is still far from over. Cling onto your neon lit, synthesizer scored rite-of-passage party, midnight is coming...

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/0311987TheBeginningOfTheEndOfThe80s/031-1987-The-Beginning-Of-The-End-Of-The-80s.mp3

Episode 32: Pre-Christmas Indulgences

It's the week before Christmas and the 80s Kids turn their minds to a most vexing topic. Films that they like that they are fully aware are hated by most of the rest of the world. Some choices have even caused divides within the group. This leaves the discussion to proceed along two paths.

One, what redeeming quality does someone find in something most people agree to be drivel, and why do people hate movie/tv series x quite so much? Topics as diverse as Star Trek Voyager, Lady In The Water, Aliens vs Predator, Resident Evil and the Underworld franchise are on the table for discussion. Nobody mention guilty pleasures!

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/032PreChristmasIndulgences/032-Pre-Christmas-Indulgences.mp3

Episode 33: Lost Christmas Episode

The cast of the original 80s Kids cartoon show reunite for this special christmas episode. Find out the relevance of pink custard, particularly when contained in a blue earthenware jug; why you might not want to go out for milk when there are aliens about; what Fortnum and Mason started serving in 1886 (Real Trivia Fact!); and what happened to the *real* Ebenezer Scrooge in this crazy sci-fi adventure from the people who brought you loads of rambling discussion about 80s movies. Sound Effects and music from the following sources: http://www.freesfx.co.uk http://www.freesound.org and http://archive.org

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/033EightiesKidsLostChristmasEpisode/033-Eighties-Kids-Lost-Christmas-Episode.mp3

Episode 34 - The Year of the Biscuit! Films of 2013 and 2014 - a look back and a look ahead

Emerging from the flaming wreckage that was 2013 come three striding silhouettes. Two of them somewhat portly. These are the 80's Kids and during the somewhat lengthy inquest that follows the trio reflect on the films of the year just gone.

For all his talk about Iron Man 3 Leo still clutches his Thor 2 hammer most fondly, Ian still clings to his battle worn Jaeger as it sinks below the surface of the top 10 grossing films of the year and Justin wishes he really hadn't listened to all the nay sayers and had actually gone to see “Oz the Great and Powerful" instead of "Star Trek Into Darkness". But with their mourning for 2013 over with the 'Revengeful Three' look ahead to 2014.

Leo ruminates on coming Marvel Films, Justin wonders what's with all the Bible films in the pipe line and Ian lays the foundations for the year of the baked savoury consumed best with tea or coffee. The Year of the Biscuit starts HERE!

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/034YearOfTheBiscuitTheFilmsOf2013And2014ALookBackAndALookAhead/034-Year-of-the-Biscuit-The-films-of-2013-and-2014-a-look-back-and-a-look-ahead.mp3

12 March 2014

Yay! Social Media Humiliation In The Sidebar

Because it would be silly not to I have added a Wattpad widget to my connect sidebar panel. It tells you how many wattpad points I currently don't have! Yay for javascript used to embarrass and humiliate.

11 March 2014

The Elias Anomaly

Well, I suppose it had to happen.

Maybe it didn't have to happen, in the strictest sense, but I threatened it enough on the podcast and what-have-you. So I present for your perusal and delight "The Elias Anomaly" on Wattpad. Blurb to follow.

Who is Joseph Elias? 
There wouldn't be much point asking Joseph. When he takes a trip down a glowing tunnel located behind a local department store he discovers not only that he is wrong about a great many things, but also that he has little idea about how to make things right. 
Dulcinea Fernandez thinks she's got Joseph's number, but how much can a Caretaker of Endoverse Inc's gigantic artificial reality theme park, AKA The Cluster, really be expected to know about anything? The answer, unsurprisingly, turns out to be 'not very much at all'. 
There are others who claim to know something about Joseph Elias, the Agent, and Simon Grace of the Department of Sub-Realities, for example. The problem there being their transparent motivations to fulfil darkly mysterious agandas, which essentially reduces their trustworthiness to zero. 
In the end it's up to Joseph and Dulcie to sort out the problems of Joseph's anomalous existence on a journey that will make you question the nature of reality and consciousness all the while not quite being able to get rainbows to render correctly.

This is, obviously, a development of the serial work I was doing last year, but I haven't tied myself to such a punishing schedule for this one. Don't expect weekly updates but I will be getting to the end as it's within view of my current place within the text.

I'm also interested in seeing how Wattpad works with regards to it being a sort of DeviantArt for writers. I am still yet to find anything on there that enthralls me enough to get past the first couple of chapters. I might hope that if you go and check out Elias I might have made that task, for you, just a little simpler.

4 March 2014

Normal? Service Will Be Resumed...

I live in Wales.

I still haven't racked up more than four days on the trot yet, the downstairs of my house is full of boxes and laundry (and boxes of laundry) and light on furniture, but the fact is inescapable. Not that there aren't signs of domesticity. I think that getting the bedroom into a decent state (or close to at least) has been essential. Also, while waiting for the arrival of the "Sofa of Destiny", we have furnished my little upstairs cubby hole, this serves as "Lounge (2)" for the time being.

So, hopefully my plans to return to the keyboard a bit more regularly in 2014 will soon be in a position to be realised. Right now I have to go to another keyboard where I shall continue to wrap my head around Microsoft MVC. Later, clearing space for the Sofa of Destiny.

12 February 2014

Archived Podcasts - Various

Episode Extra - Day of the Doctor Who Overload

The 80's Kids sit down for a quick post 'Day of the Doctor' chat. Topics are rambling and many, from the shopping list requirements Moffat needed for the “Event”, John Hurts sympathetic Non Doctor, the through line of the Doctor's character all the way from 1963 to the present, to regeneration limits, the vast unexplored future the series has laid out before us and much more.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/ExtraDayOfTheDoctorWhoOverload/Extra-Day-of-the-Doctor-Who-Overload.mp3

Episode 29 - 80s Kids Supreme Force Attack Base Available Now $129.99

This week the 80's kids(tm) gleefully tackle their childhood cartoon memories and the many, many toys that came with them. From the MEGA sized toy financed American imports to the Epic sprawling French serials and also the wit and charm of the UK based Cosgrove Hall. Our decade themed trio finally have a subject they can all speak about with authority.

Justin (Batteries not Included) born an Artist, fondly remembers the visually stunning 'Thundercats' intro sequence and lovingly building his own 'Danger Mouse' Flying Car. Leo (Sold Separately) born a Story Teller, has a special place in his heart for the friendships forged over shared viewings of 'Dungeons and Dragons' or the imaginative hours lost playing with 'MASK' or 'GI Joe' toys with his pals. Ian (Choking Hazard) born Yesterday, recalls his never ending demands for more and more toys to fill his empty consumer heart and the various childhood traumas that came from seeing Optimus Prime slowly dying from internal injuries.

But only by combining together to form the gestalt “Eighties Kids-a-Tron” (Product may vary from Box Picture) can they hope to tackle 'He-Man' the most Fabulous man in the Universe and his indomitable toy range of lame associates. This is the 'Revenge of the 80's Kids: Eighties Cartoon Episode' and all the cool kids have one!

Hero Down Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/02980sKidsSupremeForceAttackBaseAvailableNow12999/029-80s-Kids-Supreme-Force-Attack-Base-Available-Now-129-99.mp3

Episode 30 - 1986 Howard The Duck And Other Resignation Issues

In an effort to save Ian from resigning in protest over the imminent discussion about the movie hence forth known only as “The George Lucas Duck Thing”. The whole team (Sue included) rally round to nurse him through the delights and joys of 1986's other film offerings. Like a quartet of greedy pigeons they take it in turns to peck away at 86's selection box and reminisce about such delights as Labyrinth, Flight of the Navigator, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Aliens, Big Trouble in Little China, The Golden Child and the many other worthy experiences this year has to offer.

Then they pick over the bones as they get down to the dregs with Solarbabies and Wraith. Anything really than talk about that “The George Lucas Duck Thing”. But in the end, with support from Leo, Justin and Sue, Ian agrees with them that Sylvester Stallone's 'Cobra' is probably a worse offence to common decency than anything Lucas did that year.

Direct Link: https://archive.org/download/0301986HowardTheDuckAndOtherResignationIssues/030-1986-Howard-the-Duck-and-other-Resignation-Issues.mp3